Making a splash

Navy print skirt vs2

It’s the final week of #MeMadeMay2015! I’ve done it! And it’s been pretty manageable.

To be fair, I’ve not had my pledge to wearing three self-made garments per week at the forefront of my mind this month (though my additional commitment to sewing TWO new garments HAS; more on that in my next post); factoring in underwear (cheating/not cheating) has helped enormously. As has having a ready pool of items to chuck on (for example this blouse and this to sleep in).

And here’s a cute little number I whipped up in March, from a panel of printed jersey fabric found on Ebay.

At a scant 70cms in length, and approx 150cms wide, ingenuity was required more than a pattern.

Having levelled each upper and lower cut edge, the damn thing shrank in length even more. DAMN IT. And I knew side-seams would interrupt the pattern’s flow. I wanted a nice gathered skirt with a self-fabric waistband, because that’s what the fabric was telling me (don’t tell anyone but the quality’s not THAT nice, print aside).

And so, I did the only sensible thing I could do; I cut the waistband from the selvedge side of the fabric, and let jersey’s natural stretch hold it in place (look ma, no elastic!). The selvedge didn’t need finishing, so I used that as my interior edge and hand-sewed it in place.

I even managed to do a teeny-tiny hem at the bottom which didn’t cut into the print. Hurrah! And look, look, ANOTHER invisible zipper! In JERSEY! Seriously, the levels of my sewing insanity scarcely know no bounds…

With my red opaque tights (which seem to go with EVERY skirt I make – please picture them with my last skirt and SWOON), a slick of red lipstick and a crisp white shirt, I’m able to channel a little bit of Audrey, again. Plus, I can throw it into the washing machine when I’m tired of twirling.

Not exactly a Roman Holiday, but it’ll do for me 🙂


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