Flutter by, Butterfly…

purple dress 2You know when you have something in your fabric stash for ages, just waiting for the perfect pattern? Every time you pick it up you practically hold to your ear, waiting for it to tell you what it should be?

This fabric was like that.

Picked up for a song at a local market, a super-light, super-drapey viscose jersey that was not only purple, but had butterflies on it, too. Yes, butterflies.

Swoon. Talk about a done deal.

But what did it want to be when it grew up, that was the question. Despite having what can only be described as an unhealthy number of dressmaking patterns, nothing was quite right. I’d only know if it was right as soon as I saw it (yeah, that old problem). Which, thankfully, I did, as soon as I stumbled upon a Vogue sale at my local fabric shop;

Vogue 8825

Look at those beautiful bishop sleeves! Look at that fabulous neckline, raised at the back neck but with a flattering wrap at the front! Look at that belt! Look at those sleeves AGAIN!

(I’m such a sucker for a good bishop’s sleeve. Can you tell?)

Good old divine intervention.

Normally a pattern can wait years for its turn in the sewing sun; not this one. Within a week of purchase I was already cutting out V8825 and getting ready to slice my sheers through that lithesome viscose.

The fit took some tweaks, of course. My usual deeper darts at the back waist, a bit of finicking with the underbust seam, and I’ve made the belt as a separate item. Plus (and don’t tell anyone this), the jersey may be just a little too thin for it, really (a long-sleeved summer dress, whodathunkit).

But hey. I still think it’s purty.

And did I mention it has bishop sleeves??


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