Dark Beauty

Dark Floral dress

The sky has returned to a dense dove grey, after treating us to blue skies and fluffy white clouds for days. Sad face.

So I thought I’d write about one of my favourite makes, ever; a dark floral Style Arc Marita dress, which I made two (!) years ago.

It’s not the first one I’ve made, but there’s something about this pattern I love. Maybe it’s the clever construction, that creates a cool cowl at the neckline? Maybe it’s the fact that it looks wicked complicated, but it isn’t? Maybe its the fact that it really is as quick to sew as they say.

But for me, this dress is all about the fabric, in a print that makes me SWOON every time I look at it. It’s a heavy-ish cotton jersey that was sold as a sports jersey(?) by The Textile Centre, but I don’t know. It’s got a good drape, weight and thickness, like a ponte roma, but made of cotton and lycra with a grey reverse.

I bought only a metre or so initially, but I confess that I’ve squirrelled away SEVERAL further metres in my stash because I’m greedy like that. I had visions of making an entire capsule wardrobe – trousers, skirt, top AND jacket – out of this lovely stuff. Come on; wouldn’t YOU?

There’s only one problem – well, two; the first is .. well, it’s made of cotton. This means that the darker areas of the fabric are fading after laundering (even with a wool wash), so the fabric doesn’t quite suit the formality of the dress.

(The formality of the dress is an issue in itself; I’ve only worn it twice, although both times it triggered a conversation with strangers, one of whom is now a dear friend. So, you know, on that score, it was totally worth it.)

And secondly .. knowing that the fabric may look super relaxed (read; shabby) really torpedoes the garment ideas I’ve had. A slim pencil skirt? Nah. A sweatshirt? Ooh, that might work.

In fact, I think that’ll be the next thing I’ll make from it. Although I did make a top for a friend’s birthday out of it, too (same friend, same pattern, slightly less success);


What do you think? A sweatshirt or culottes might be cute with this fabric, no? They’d cheer me up on dull, dark days.

And don’t we all need that sometimes, no matter the time of year.



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