Ogden Cami vs2

I’m making the most of the nicer weather to blog about things made to be WORN during nicer weather.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was lucky enough to be invited to France at short notice last summer.

Which begged the question: what do I sleep in? Normally when it’s ridiculously hot, I follow Ms Monroe’s lead (sans the Chanel, alas). But I was sharing a room, and had male friends in the party. Sweet heavens, I didn’t want to give anyone NIGHTMARES.

I hit my stash, as usual, and alighted on this lightweight Japanese cotton which an ex once bought for me. With more body than a lawn, but less see-through, too, it struck me as the perfect accompaniment to a pair of white broderie shorts I already had in my wardrobe.

As for the pattern? It provided the PERFECT opportunity to test the darling of the internets, the Ogden Cami by True Bias.

In truth, my fabric choice has less drape than the pattern suggests. But that was ideal for my purposes – I wanted something that skimmed, not clinged – and I used some white cotton lawn for the facings due to the meagre yardage (1m of 45″ fabric).

So. Is the Ogden a cult classic for a reason? Yep, it absolutely is. It came together beautifully, and the instructions were wonderfully clear.

IMG_20190516_122951140 vs2

The fit’s good, too, although I DID add some lingerie sliders to the rear of the straps after trying it on again recently; the original straps were a little too short which meant that the underarm seam felt uncomfortable.

However I’m pretty sure that was all on me, hoiking it up in the sewing, trying to make it as modest as possible. I rather like the additions; they look like delicate gold jewellery.

Now I’ve let it sit lower, I also think that I’ll go down a size on the next one (I erred on the side of caution and sewed a size 2 when a size 0 at the bust would probably fit better).

Because there is definitely going to be a next one. Even if I’ll return to Ms Monroe’s lead re; nightwear this summer.


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