Nudes to Me

Nude draped top

Do you ever think you’ve done something, check, and then discover that your clearly, REALLY haven’t?

I could have SWORN I blogged about this years ago. However, it would appear that the evidence is to the contrary.

I HAVE blogged about this pattern before though and, since this was made BEFORE that project .. yeah. My backlog of projects to write about is almost as bad as my hoard of fabric and patterns TO make things to blog about…

So yes. It’s this bunny again, the OOP McCalls 6241;


I’d hoarded this nude-tone super-soft jersey remnant for, ooh, ALMOST LITERALLY FOREVER and had struggled to find a suitable pattern. It’s quite close to my own skin tone, so I knew I wanted something with a drape (so it didn’t look like I was naked), but not so much drape that I looked like an elongated shar-pei puppy.

And thus, this top was born and quickly became one of the most worn items in my summer wardrobe. It goes with jeans, shorts, stuff that’s casual or a little bit smarter (although less now, as a couple of years’ worth of laundering will do that to fabric), and it just feels cool (in a temperature kind of way, I think it’ll be of no surprise to anyone that I barely do COOL-cool, sweetie).

In fact, as I’m sitting here, I’m wondering why I don’t have more of these in my wardrobe – especially as the side pleats create a nice sweeping curve at the front which is oh-so-good at disguising just a little bit of tummy.

I guess it’s easy to overlook the dependable standbys in life, when there are so many other shiny new things to catch one’s eye (hello, latest Vogue Patterns sale).

But it’s good to remember unsung heroes sometimes.

Especially when they’ve become such good friends.


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