Feeling Blue

Are you able to sew for the season you’re in? Because I have to tell you, despite my good intentions to the contrary, I am STRUGGLING.

Right now I should be rattling off stuff that keeps me cosy and warm (okay, technically I HAVE but I’ll blog about it next time because .. REASONS) – and this thing, despite the voluminous amount of fabric involved, is all kinds of FLIMSY.

The fabric’s a (somewhat alarmingly) semi-sheer slub jersey of unknown content, bought for a song at a wonderful Asian fabric shop some years ago. It has a good amount of cross-wise stretch and, like, ZERO on the vertical.

The latter of which was a slight hitch because this is the incredibly flattering Simplicity 8089 (which you can throw together in an afternoon, tops), and I originally wanted to do the view with the sleeves, sigh…

Luckily it looks alright – dare I say it, perhaps even better – without an additional tube of fabric beneath the swish of the bat wing? Besides, the more summery cut suits the flimsy jersey .. especially as the neckline is HELLA WIDE PEOPLE.

As you can see it’s almost falling off the narrower-than-average shoulders of my hanger (which correspond in width to the narrower-than-average shoulders of ME).

It’s almost an off-the-shoulder top, in a sexy “yeah I threw this on after yoga let’s grab a smoothie” kind of way. Which, as avid readers of this blog/those who know me in real life will attest to, is not my aesthetic IN THE SLIGHTEST but maybe I’ll be rocking this vibe when the sun comes out?

And I don’t know about you, but the thought of sunnier, warmer days is helping to cheer me up no end.



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