You’ve got to be Kidston-me?

Cath Kidston skirt

You know when you have so much stuff to do that stuff falls off your mental to-do list, like pound coins sloping off out of your trouser pockets to start a commune in your sofa?

This is one such project.

I made this .. last summer? Wait, no, *Checks date on original photos* BUGGERING NORA I made this for a friend for Christmas 2014!

Erm… So, anyway…

(I was looking through my folder of sewing project folders, wondering what to blog about. I’d forgotten about this so completely that it wasn’t even on my list of items of pending projects…)

The pattern is this one; an old out-of-print New Look 6632 which I’ve had and loved for years but never found the occasion to sew up;


A friend loved the print in a local Cath Kidston store, but the styles the garments came in weren’t up her street. And so, with a rashness that I almost came to regret later, I said ‘HANG ON A MINUTE they sell fabric by the METRE, why don’t I sew you a skirt for Christmas?’

So a metre was ordered, and a skirt duly sewn.

Now then .. the first problem was the stiffness of the fabric. Yes, you can dress in the same print as your curtains and wallpaper, blending in like some middle-class middle-England Zach Braff BUT CRUCIALLY the fabric used for their clothes is suitable for apparel. Unlike the fabric they sell by the metre, which is suitable only for upholstery.


This is why I chose the particular pattern; I figured it’d work well with a less than yielding fabric and, to be fair, it did.

I also chose the pattern because I figured that the fit wouldn’t be too critical; depending on if it was a little tight or loose at the waist, it’d still fit.

I took my friend’s measurements. I looked at the back of the envelope. Was surprised at the size it indicated to cut, but remembered that there’s a disparity between RTW and home sewing sizes; shrugged, and got on with it.

And oh, OH, the finished item was a thing of sewing BEAUTY. You can’t really see it here, of course, but I put in my first-ever invisible zipper perfectly, I lined it with something lovely and soft pink and, generally speaking, was damn happy with the final result.

As was my friend, who messaged me on Christmas Day to say how lovely it was .. although alas (ALAS) a touch too large…

It took until last summer for her to come over and for me to see it on her. And bloody Big 4 amounts of ease meant that she could almost pull the damn thing off without undoing the zipper!

So my poor friend wasn’t able to wear it for about 6 months, until I took it in by SEVERAL INCHES at the sides (which means the waist pleats in the front aren’t in their optimum location GOD DAMN IT) and .. yeah.

*Breathes into a brown paper bag; suddenly realises why I never wrote about sewing this garment until now*

Lessons learnt? Go by the finished garment size as printed on the pattern pieces itself, obviously. Also, even if it’s a gift, do try and do a fitting first (even a toile would’ve flagged up the fitting issue FFS). Oh, and I REALLY must stop using the wrong fabrics for the right reasons. Even if they’re as DAMN CUTE AND FEATURE ROBINS SQUEEEE.

It’s still cute though. Right?


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