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Patterns August 2015

Dear reader, forgive me, for I have sinned.

It has been many long weeks since I made my last confession (I mean, blog post) and, in that time, I have succumbed to that most irresistible of temptations; the half-price pattern sale.

(But come on, you’d have done the same. Right?)

A couple of weeks ago, had a flash sale. I was very good (in as much as I gave due thought to my lifestyle before going crazy with the ol’ credit card) and only bought five patterns.

Gone was the endless drooling over gorgeous dresses (OK, maybe I did drool a little) and in its place I chose things I’d actually make AND wear regularly. Wardrobe builders, if you like. New Look 6246

Take New Look 6246 for example. Super-basic and yet, and yet, I’m already thinking of the possible uses; all-jersey pyjamas or loungewear, simple jersey tops to layer under shirts and jumpers, casual trousers for days when I’m sick to the back teeth of wearing denim.

The short-sleeved t-shirt only takes a metre of fabric for heaven’s sake. Plus, the trousers have side seam pockets AND an elasticated waistband; slouching around whilst waiting for a big fat pie to bake, anyone?New Look 6230

Then there’s New Look 6230. If 6246 is me dossing about at home with a headful of hair like an exploding arm chair, 6230 is me dossing about ready for unexpected visitors. Seeing someone outside my own four walls is not inconceivable. There may even be a hairbrush involved, people.

I love the feminine cut of the baseball top, the use of contrasting jerseys (that particular colour-way in particular; gimme a bit of grey marl and I’m all yours, gorgeous) and a sexy silver pencil skirt. Not that I’m planning to recreate this exact outfit and don’t Simplicity 1463give a stuff about the other two options, of course *cough*.

But a woman cannot live entirely by basics alone. There comes a time when she has to survey her wardrobe, face up to her considerable quantity of skinny jeans (in many colours) and ridiculous leggings (in unimaginable prints) and exclaim: Bugger me, I need to balance this with some baggy upper stuff STAT.

Therefore I was powerless in the face of this little number, Simplicity 1463.

(SPOILER I have already sewn one of these views. It doesn’t look anything like the photo due to me being selective over which size I used and altering the pattern. Suffice it to say it looks FRICKIN’ AWESOME and is 1114_env_frontcurrently my favourite top *waits for it to come back out of the wash so it can be worn again*.)

I cannot tell a lie; my next choice is not exactly practical. Although with the addition of pockets, maybe it could be??

I’ve noticed the great jumpsuits by Melissa at Fehr Trade and Rachel at House of Pinheiro and I’ve swooned and sighed every time. They look SO DAMN GOOD IN THEIRS SIGH.

The British summer this year has been APPALLING but I love Simplicity 1114‘s main view; legs all covered but collarbone and arms all beautifully showcased. I even have some lightweight but opaque cotton print which would work perfectly. Sadly I’m currently writing this in jeans, several 1104_env_frontlayers and a massive jumper so there’s a chance I’ve missed the boat with this one. Unless I make it in lightweight denim (opinions welcome)..?

And finally .. this one is my only concession to those occasions where I may need to be A Bit Dressed Up.

I’m a sucker for a Cynthia Rowley pattern. I had to stop myself from picking up a couple more which I KNOW I won’t sew, just so I can hold them and stroke them (I’m looking at you, 1607 and 1371, already in my pattern stash – although I HAVE cut out the top for the latter BUT THIS WEATHER GOD DAMN IT *rolls eyes*)

Simplicity 1104 is ALMOST practical, though; both the skirt and the leggings would fit perfectly with the simple tops above, and the tunic isn’t TOTALLY ridiculous; taking not much more than a metre of fabric it could be great for the Christmas season (ie; that fluted peplum looks MADE for hiding many MANY mince pies). Come ON, that’s GOT to be the very DEFINITION of ‘practical’.

Alas, the above Simplicity are back to full price (BOO) BUT if the New Look patterns have swayed you with their practicality they’re HALF PRICE again until the 22nd of September 2015 (YAY!).

OK, I’m off to check them out again, in case there’s anything I’ve missed .. what would YOU sew first?


5 thoughts on “Sensible head on

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  2. Picked up the 1104 myself during the recent Boxing day sale here in Oz but it’s summer so the leggings are totally useless. That top, however, is getting made up in wet suit material (forgotten what it’s called now but I’m sure it’ll come to me).

    • Sorry for the late reply! Yep, I imagine that top would be great in wet suit material (is it called scuba?), I’m not sure what I’ll make mine in – if I ever get around to actually sewing it 😀

      • PS you might want to change your WP account from admin to something else. A lot of hackbots tend to use that login to bruteforce access to WP sites as it’s the default/most common one!

      • Thanks for your concern, ThePerfectNose – actually Admin’s just my catch-all screen name, not a login name (I have a number of sites under different names, and ‘Admin’ comes up as the default when I reply inside WordPress, which I then have to edit!)

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