Pattern dash!

Burda 6849, 6840, 6841,6926, 6838, Simplicity 1317

Sometimes, you’d be within every one of your God-given rights to despair of me.


In my defence .. these are very, very practical and useful patterns. AND they were half-price (in fact, one of them was free…)

Having taken a look at my lifestyle and the kinds of outfits I actually wear, you will please note; no 1950s dresses, no skirts, nothing overly complicated or fancy.6838_ESB

Take Burda 6838, for example. I have a ready-to-wear top in this identical shape, and I feel both chic AND comfortable in it. I love the high neckline at the back (where I feel the cold), and the drape of fabric at the front where I can save food for later enjoy a sophisticated drape and look all elegant ‘n’ sexy ‘n’ stuff (or something).


Burda 6851 speaks to my love of colour-blocking AND is practical. No, really. A simple crew-neck top which will use-up left-over oddments of jersey or ponte in a really cool way, and jazz up the most basic of ensembles? I mean, it’s what we call a TOTAL NO-BRAINER. If, of course, I can work out how to sew it but, I mean, how hard can it be to make a convex and concave edge line up?

(Yeah, I’m so gonna regret that last line…)

6840_ESBBurda 6840 was the answer to a dream I had, and a problem I thus faced.

I’ve fallen in love with this fabric and want to make a blouse that has .. not quite a Peter Pan collar but definitely not pointy .. with a stand like a regular shirt collar, but perfect for soft fabrics, and .. yeah. You’d think that with all the patterns I have, I’d already have something like that. Nope. Nuh-uh. I’d already designed it in my head, complete with tucks at the shoulders replacing darts and was buried armpit-deep in my pattern-drafting books when I stumbled across this little beauty, and .. *deep exhalation of happiness*.

6849_YSBBut actually, it would be nice to have a proper shirt pattern, you know? Because I don’t HAVE one, despite lots of fabrics that would suit one. Something casual, something fitted, something like .. Burda 6849.

Oh look, I appear to have purchased it .. what a surprise…

It’s part of Burda’s Young range (as indeed was the colour block top and dress).

6926_YSBThis is one of the bonuses of my current lifestyle; I have no-one to stop me from going out of my flat with the words, “Dear God, you really ARE mutton dressed as lamb…” ringing in my ears… Which is a good job as I bought Burda 6926.

(Yes I know, jeggings, TERRIBLE word and frankly a crime against style BUT one of my uniforms IS a skinny leg + drapey/layered top, and you read the bit about there being no-one to stop me, right??)

1317_env_frontAnd then, because I bought them in the real world, at a REAL sewing shop which encourages membership of the Burda/Simplicity/New Look pattern club’s loyalty card, I picked up the perfect partner for those skinny, far-too-young-for me leggings/jeggings; Simplicity 1317. Now that’s a cool, tall glass of WIN in ANYONE’S books.

The 50% off sale ends TOMORROW (December 6th), so if you want to follow in my footsteps (and, quite frankly, you know you SHOULD), I have just sorted out your Saturday morning spending spree for you.

Don’t worry, you’re welcome 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pattern dash!

  1. Such a good set of patterns!! separate pieces are what I’m going to try and invest in too. I’m just trying to get out of buying patterns I’ve seen all over blogs and ones I will actually sew up and wear!!!! LOVING the Burda 6851

  2. Thanks, Meg! Separates are definitely the way to go (my untouched swathes of dress patterns, and unworn dresses, are a testament to that)! That Burda pattern is just amazing, isn’t it? I’m hoping to sew it in the New Year, fingers crossed!

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