Roman Holiday

red skirt

I’ve been having the world’s quietest Me Made May ever.

(Sorry about that.)

I’ve been quietly getting on with wearing three hand-made/altered garments each week and, because they’ve generally been boring/the same garments (making your own knickers and night wear really helps), I’ve not wanted to bore you with my progress.

I’ve been wearing my cassette print scarf a lot as, like last year, the UK weather has only been intermittently summery. This has also lead to me being very, very grateful for my navy fleece coatigan – perfect for curling up in on the sofa, even if I look like an off-duty red shirt from Star Trek Next Generation

I have been trying, though. So I wore the above skirt (made last summer) to see a film a couple of weekends ago.

Made using every last scrap of a narrow vintage fabric I had chanced upon on my travels (which had hibernated in my stash ever since), like my faux-fur leopard-print skater-skirt (man, that phrase never gets old) it’s a self-drafted pattern. I only have a small triangle of the fabric left .. hmm, which is now that I look at it, perfect for a matching headscarf…

Swishing around (courtesy of a cotton vintage underskirt) with a crisp linen short-sleeved blouse on top (with the sleeves rolled up just a little bit more, natch), a wide belt and my hair a-swishin’, I felt a proper Audrey.

Right until I got home, went to take it off, and the zip crumbled between my fingertips.

I felt a right proper something-else, I can tell you…

So now it’s sitting folded-up beside me and, though I know one of us is sulking, I’m damned if I can tell you which one of us it is.


On the plus side .. I’d made the waist too big (for once), so it’s a great opportunity to make it smaller when I replace the zip *amazed face*.

Also .. I’m really tempted to unpick the waistband internally and, using a different fabric for the interior, unfold it and make it a twice-as-deep waistband. Which has everything to do with seeing the gorgeous Clemence skirt Tilly and the Buttons has in her new book;


Figure I can stretch to a yellow satchel, too?? #swoon #singlewhitesewingfemale




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