Geekly Chic

loop scarf

I’ve had a fat quarter of this wonderful Geekly Chic fabric for a year, after spotting it (and hesitating too long to be able to buy more, gosh darn it) in a magazine.

In the year that’s passed, I’ve toyed with turning it into the front panel of an A-Line skirt (except, I hate A-Line skirts on me), the front of a shirt or T-Shirt (except that it’s not 1999 and I’m not Willow) or a bag. And come on, turning it into the front of a shopping bag .. that’s just giving in, quite frankly.

Buying the first issue of Love Sewing triggered a thought about what to finally do with it; a geek-chic summer scarf.

I’ve been an avid follower of Colette Pattern’s Wardrobe Architect series and realised that many of the looks I love involve a great scarf to give a look an edge.

The fact that Love Sewing’s version is sewn into a loop gives it structure and is a real bonus (AKA, maybe I won’t dip this one into my soup…)

The pattern, as described in the magazine, takes a metre of two fabric. And then wastes 40cms of each. Rubbish. Therefore I’ve made mine from two 50cms lengths (choosing a plain white for the reverse fabric to showcase the Geekly print).

(Yes, this meant I did a google and found more of the print I love so much. Which means I still have my original FQ. Which this project was supposed to use up. Lolz…)

As I sewed it together with 1cm seams rather than 1.5cm ones it advised, it’s only a couple of centimetres narrower than the original. Given that doing so has made the item half the price, cut out wastage and scaled it down to my petite frame, I’d say that’s not too shabby.

It’s a super-easy way to ensure a strong print makes the maximum impact.

(It also means I’ve kept my promise to sew a project a month already. Huzzah!)

I’ve worn it a number of times so far (meeting my Me Made May 2014 commitment), had folks comment on it at a vintage fair, and it’s a great way to add a dash of colour. I feel ever-so-slightly-cool when wearing it. In a geeky way, obvs.

Plus, you know, it keeps my neck warm.



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