A nice glass of burgundy

Well I never. A new blog post.

My dear reader: I’m so sorry.

It has been seven months since my last confession post.

I don’t know why the break has been in effect for so long, nor why I’m finally breaking it. I’ve continued to sew during this absence, and now I have quite the backlog to add to the pre-existing backlog *rests head on desk*.

I guess there are times in one’s life when one’s so busy doing and being, that things like recording the doing and being goes by the wayside.

Or, perhaps this is my introverted nature coming to the fore; during the first three months of the year I didn’t feel sociable and then, for the last four months, I’ve been so sociable I’ve scarcely had the time to adjust.

Anyhoo, you’re here for sewing, not excuses or philosophising. And look! I made another birthday dress for my mum (yep, she’s pretty tiny like me).

Last February I deliberated for AGES about which pattern to use for this Japanese cotton fabric (bought for me by an ex, hence not wanting to sew something out of it for myself). I knew it needed sleeves and pockets, couldn’t be too fitted around the waist, and be great to wear casually.

Step up my dear favourite, Simplicity 2925;

(I think this is out of print now, sorry folks.)

The pattern was really easy to follow, but I left a little of the frou-frou out; by which I mean, I didn’t do the frills on the sleeves (I didn’t have enough fabric, this barely squeezed onto 2m of 45″), and I did plain patch pockets rather than the fancy gathered ones (because who wants to draw more attention to their hips, amirite?)

Because I know how to make my mum happy. I rang her and heard how she unwrapped it, held it up and thought it was too small. How she tried it on and it fitted just right (I took a couple of centimeters out of the upper-body length). And how she was SO DAMN excited when she discovered it has POCKETS.

Because whether you’re 8 or 80, having a way to stash sweets or slouch around is important.

I may have been away for a while, but I haven’t forgotten THAT.


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