Check Mate


So, in the spirit of trying to catch up on five months’ blogging absence…

The fabric for this little number taunted me for years. Soft, lightweight flannel with unmistakeable touchability, I’d made my usual mistake – which is, of course, buying far too little of it. Just over a metre which, unless you’re sewing for a child, is neither use nor ornament.


Plus, there was the whole problem of lining up the pattern. I mean, hardly any yardage, a large and obvious repeating pattern, and a toothy fabric that clings to what’s worn underneath it? Oh, this had #FAIL written all over it.

When I finally sucked up enough courage/stupidity to plough on regardless, I knew I need a pattern I’d already used and trusted. So hello there, Simplicity 1364;

Simplicity Pattern 1364

I sewed up a version in a fairly crisp vintage cotton for Simplicity’s blogging challenge some time ago and loved how it came together. Plus, I could squeeze it onto the fabric (which, OK, was the clincher).

Plus points? Despite it’s short length it drapes softly over my tummy and disguise said tummy (suffice it to say, post-Christmas, it’s in my current rotation). A Japanese friend said it looked very Japanese when I sent him a selfie so WINNING. I also managed to match some of the plaid, too, at the hemline and some of the back zipper.

Down points? Yeah, the rest of that back zipper. Note to self; take more care and baste invisible zippers when mistakes are going to be so hella obvious. I really wished I’d checked, mate.


But you know what? I don’t care. I still love it and wear it, after so many years of indecision and gestation.

Because sometimes it’s not about winning but having the nerve to take part.


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